Suspension work platform TRACTEL mod. ALTA L & S


Perfect for easy works like painting and decoration, rehabilitation, fixations, window cleaning…
Length: 15 m.
Inner width: 0.60 m.
Working load limit: 120 kg./m.

Designed for heavy works as front works, smokestacks, bridges… Special for rent.
Length: 18 m.
Inner width: 0.68 m
Working load limit: 140 kg/m


These platforms offer a real scaffolding alternative, allowing simple access to all the front parts of a building. They are an excellent long-term investment as they are lightweight, safe and easy and quick to install.
To install a complete suspended working platform:
ALTA platform 'L' or 'S' equipped with the power tool or appliance Tirak ™ Scafor ™ Manual.
Steel cables suspended from the davit Portafix or parapet clamps to Omega.