Automatic Bender ALBA mod. D36L


Max. Cut Diameter: 36 mm

Turntable speed:  7,8 r.p.m.

Motor power: 3 Kw.

Dimensions and Net weight: 275 Kg.

950 x 600 x 933



Turntable forward and reverse rotation: The table can turn in two directions of operation.
Angles selector: Desired angle is obtained by inserting the pin in the bending table periphery.
Two drive systems: Automatic, and continuous for spirals. Remote control by pedal.
Electric board: In monoblock, sealed case -Low voltage (48 V)- With emergency stop as per CEE Standards.
Reducer lubrication by oil bath: There is no hand oiling point. Fitted with brake-motor.
Swing square: With complete equipment of bending bushes and bolts.
Special attachments: stirrups, spirals, etc.
Turn table of big diameter: 375 mm (D-36L & D-42L) / 445 mm (D-52L)-
With 9 bending holes-With possibility to change point "0". (D-36L , D-42L & D-52L).
Gathering tray: At the bottom, to keep pedal, bolts, bushes, tools, etc.
Bending Guard: Safety system that prevents the acces to the bending area during the turning of the plate.