Manual Tile Cutter RUBI mod. TR - 600


Units per box: 2

Units per pallet: 24

Cut Length: 60 cm

Diagonal Cut Length : 42x42 cm

Cut Height: 6-15 mm

Separator Power: 600 kg

Comes with case: Si

Net Weight: 10 kg

Total weight with case: 13,0 kg



  • Tile cutter with mobile separating system ideal for diagonal cuts.
  • For intensive cutting of ceramic tiles, ideal for Wall and Floor tiles.
  • Mobile separating system for a better accuracy and a higher cutting speed.
  • Double guide for better visibility of the ruling and cutting lines.
  • Supplement base for a better stability of the tile and easy cut.
  • Adaptable ruling wheels for every material to enhance performance and cutting quality.
  • Chromed, straightened and calibrated steel guides, with anti-corrosion treatment.
  • Lateral block for vertical and 45º repetitive cuts, and square supplement.
  • Double layered base with shock absortion effect.
  • Highly resistant aluminium base.
  • Interchangable ruling wheels from Ø1/4" (6mm) to 7/8" (22mm).
  • With Ø1/4" (6mm) and Ø13/32" (10mm) ruling wheels and transporting case included.