Historia ViudavilaHistory


Since its foundation in 1899, Viudavila has been dedicated to provision the necessary elements for both the traditional construction industry and large infrastructure. From heavy machinery, all-kind tools and different materials to all the safety components for an appropiate work.

We are constantly evolving to meet the most demanding market needs, which, combined with a wide technology and security offer, has placed us at the forefront of the construction and infrastructure industry.

Our extensive experience, combined with the superior technology of our products and services, has led to the company's participation in such iconic works as the expiatory church of La Sagrada Familia, the Barcelona Universal Exhibition in 1929, the Barcelona 92' Olympic Games, the 2008Zaragoza Expo, the rehabilitation and maintenance of Park Güell and the continued development of the infrastructure of the high-speed Spanish rail network (AVE).

Our dedication and professionalism have been recognized by the "International Medal of Character for the Exhibition of Mining and Hydraulic Works of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands", sponsored by the National Labor Development Program, and the "President Francesc Macià Plaque", awarded by the Catalan Government in 2000.

Our professional and technological prestige have crossed borders and today, our headquarters in the Barcelona town of Viladecans can boast over 2.000 m2 of storage space and collaborates in works and infrastructure projects worlwide.